Iron-Jaws Trailer Safety Hitch Lock

Iron-Jaws Trailer Safety Hitch Lock

Don't leave your cargo's safety to trailer chains!

The cargo you’re towing is important. Iron-Jaws keeps it safe.

Iron-Jaws is a new product that helps you secure your trailer from a multitude of failures. We all have the best of intentions, but thousands of trailer hook-up failures happen every year due to improper coupler attachment or coupler failure. Don’t leave your safety or the security of your cargo to trailer chains and risking a catastrophic accident. Iron-Jaws is the solution.

Iron-Jaws Heavy Duty Hitch Lock
Heavy Duty option available.
Ready to attach a padlock to secure your trailer.
Ready to attach a padlock to secure your trailer.
Designed to fit balls with 1” ball shank with a 1 7/8” up to 2 5/16” ball.
Designed to fit balls with 1” ball shank with a 1 7/8” up to 2 5/16” ball.
Hitch-mounted option available.
Hitch-mounted option available.

Iron-Jaws is proudly manufactured in the United States.


Local News Story Emphasizes Trailer Safety

The Fox 9 Investigators went to the Minnesota Highway Safety Center in St. Cloud to get a lesson in runaway trailer physics. At 55 mph it becomes unattached and shoots off the road, going hundreds of feet before coming to a stop. After that, it's simple physics -- the bigger the object, the more devastating the force. "It's like a missile coming at you," said Instructor Larry Nadeau. "What you saw on a closed course is how much energy is involved when something comes unsecured from a vehicle."

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Why can’t I just use safety chains?

Safety chains are required by the DOT in all states.  However, there are some issues.

  1. Most people don’t install the chains correctly and should their coupler/hitch system fail the results are potentially catastrophic.
  2. Even when chains are installed properly should your trailer is only attached via chains you have ZERO control over your trailer.  The trailer can swing violently once you are relying on chains, potentially causing you to lose control of your vehicle and it can result in the trailer doing serious damage to the rear of your tow vehicle.
What does Iron-Jaws do that safety chains don't?

Iron-Jaws is designed to keep your coupler attached to the ball/hitch even if the system fails or is not secured properly.  Iron-Jaws provides you full control of your trailer in the event of a coupler failure as if the coupler never came free from the ball.

Can I use Iron-Jaws on a drop or rise receiver?

Yes, Iron-Jaws is designed to be use on drop, standard, and rise receivers.

Can I lock my trailer with Iron-Jaws?

Yes, there are two holes for securing your receiver side Iron-Jaws with a padlock. The trailer side Iron-Jaws spoon can also be locked into place via a larger/longer padlock.

Will Iron Jaws work on all trailer Coupler Types?

The current version of Iron Jaws will not work on square couplers found on some newer boat/personal watercraft trailers.  Traditional "round" trailer couplers will work with Iron Jaws up to a 2-5/16" ball.  

A new version of Iron Jaws is in production that will accommodate the square trailer coupler.  Contact us at with questions.

Hitch up with safety and security in mind.
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